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An Agony Aunt for people who want to change the world
but don’t know where to start

Latest episode

 Host Deborah Doane takes on a challenge from a listener: What can older people do to combat climate change? She speaks to guests: Nadine Young, an older activist who leads communications at Elders Climate Action, a US-based organisation whose mission is to inspire and mobilise elders into taking action to address climate change; and Andrew Simms, a long-time climate activist who is an Associate of the New Weather Institute, and one of the original authors of the Green New Deal. The Anti-Apathy Aunt goes back to the listener to find out how it has inspired her to get involved.

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What we're about

The Anti-Apathy Aunt wants everyone to know that there is always something you can do to change the world. 

Whatever the issue you’re concerned about, you don’t have to join a political party or chain yourself to a fence. There are many ways to beat the apathy blues, starting here! 

We ask listeners to write in with an issue or question. In each episode, we take on one challenge, then interview two experts who have been active in civil society trying to address it. We take their responses back to the person who wrote in and ask them to tell us what may have inspired them and how they think they might overcome their own apathy or inertia.


Do you have a social or environmental concern you want to do something about? Send us an email.  

The Anti-Apathy Aunt finds its roots in Anti-Apathy, an action and club night in the early 2000's in London, founded by the New Economics Foundation. Performers, from Katie Tunstall to the Libertines, were joined by prominent speakers on social and environmental change. Topics included climate change, insecurity, ethical fashion and more. 

Oil and Water




Executive Producer & Host



Senior Producer

The podcast is presented by...

Deborah Doane, ‘the Anti-Apathy Aunt’ who has civil society in her veins. She’s a Partner of Rights CoLab, a social change think tank. She’s been Director of the World Development Movement (now called Global Justice Now); worked for WWF and the Red Cross and set up a coalition of 7 million people to combat corporate power. She’s a trustee of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation and is the Chair of Finance Uncovered. Locally, she was a volunteer for the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers, organises her annual community-based Big Lunch and during COVID set up a Mutual Aid Group. She has written for the Guardian and appeared on BBC, Channel 4, and Al Jazeera, amongst others. She loves nothing more than talking and writing about civil society and encouraging people to get involved in the issues they care about.

The podcast is produced and edited by...

Dani Jacobs who helps to guide the discussion. Having spent many years directing music videos, Dani now spends his daytimes editing broadcast television shows like Derren Brown and other factual television programmes, including Panorama and Dispatches. He’s not apathetic but is always questioning and helps to make sure that a great story emerges with each podcast.

The podcast music is provided by...

Mike Freedman, a professional guitarist, composer and music instructor based in Toronto. To date, he has written the scores for three feature films and numerous short films. Find out more about him.

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